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We support Ukrainian women entrepreneurs who need help in new conditions, in a new place, in a new country to feel the land under their feet, plan for the future and look ahead

By helping 100 women, we help about 170 more children live in abundance and enjoy childhood*

Let's do it together!

 *according to the results of the study among 900+ Ukrainian women entrepreneurs, 85% have children (on average two)

We focus on information support, training, financial, mentoring and consulting support of specialists at various stages of business launch and development.

We are in the media:

Millions of Ukrainian women need help to start

Millions of Ukrainian women, most with children, were forced to leave their homes and seek protection from the war unleashed by Russia.

Many of them are entrepreneurs or those who decide to become them, take their lives in their hands and think about opening new or continuing their previous businesses.

We conducted a survey among 900+ Ukrainian women. They are very motivated to start their lives and their businesses anew, to feel confident and ground under their feet.

Your support will ensure prosperity and a happy childhood for thousands of Ukrainian children both in Ukraine and those who are in Poland or scattered throughout Europe.


"Left without anything fleeing Mariupol with her son"

In addition to personal belongings, all my finished products, tools, equipment remained in the house... I dream of returning to my favorite business, so as not to go crazy with despair...



Our team, projects and those we support are united by common values

We support those who are ready to take responsibility for their lives and future, strive for development and are determined

We give opportunities, not ready-made solutions. The Foundation provides training and covers the costs of consulting and support of specialists, accounting, legal advice

We believe in women's power, ideas and perseverance in achieving the goal

In addition to the general support of the foundation's initiatives, you can support specific business projects and give them new opportunities for development through our Opportunity Store


The main directions of the foundation's work

We focus on information support, training, mentoring and consulting support for specialists at various stages of business launch and development, as well as building a strong supportive community of active women who take responsibility for their lives and well-being.



Conducting exercises

Information on marketing and promotion of their business in Europe and Poland



Expert support

consultations on formal, legal and tax issues of doing business



Support for colleagues

build a strong supportive community of women who support each other and motivate each other