Kateryna Vytkovska

President of the Board of the Korali Foundation Marketing strategist and sales expert on the Etsy marketplace. Since 2015, Katrina has been undermining Ukrainian creative brands in their desire to sell on international markets, conducts sales training on Etsy, is a permanent resident of E-export school from Ukrposhta and a consultant on the Ukrainian government portal Diia.Business

  • Program to support Ukrainian women in starting their own business in Poland

    You have probably seen an advertisement for this program to support Ukrainian women in starting their own business in Poland, where, in addition to studying and mentoring with experts, they also allocate $ 4000 to each participant to start. Have you applied?If not yet, then hurry up!Last week we talked to the manager of this program and they actually (oddly enough) so far [...]


  • Values of the KORALI Foundation

    support for ukrainian women

    Now many not only organizations, but also people around the world support Ukraine and Ukrainians in many areas: provision of food and essentials, psychological support, support for training and job search. The purpose of our funding is to support Ukrainian women entrepreneurs in the development of their business, wherever they are (in Ukraine, Poland, or anywhere else) [...]