You have probably seen an advertisement for this program to support Ukrainian women in starting their own business in Poland, where, in addition to studying and mentoring with experts, they also allocate $ 4000 to each participant to start. Have you applied for it?
If not yet, then hurry up!
Last week, we talked to the manager of this program and they actually (oddly enough) still have quite a few applications for the program.

In addition, when selecting, they will give preference to projects that are aimed at on-line business and e-commerse. And this is our topic, and the chances of getting on the program are very good!

Of course, they also accept applications for opening off-line businesses in Poland (such as coffee shops, candy stores, beauty salons, etc.), but in the selection of on-line projects will have 10% more points in the ranking than off-line. And the idea here is very simple: so that after the end of the war, women can safely return to Ukraine with their existing business, for example, the same store on Etsy (you can't take the salon ;))

During the year, every woman who opens a business will receive:
– training and training,
– 41 hours of individual consultations with experts in their field,
– a $ 4000 waiver for the provision of the necessary equipment and / or additional training,
– support in accounting and legal issues,
– support in promoting their own business.

  • So, girls, please, follow the link and fill out the form, because applications are accepted until October 17!

P.S. By the way, in Warsaw, within the framework of the project, a free coworking space with daily children's care will also be opened. Well, class, you can safely work while your kids are looked after and entertained 😉