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This is a practically-oriented training and internship program for Ukrainian women specialists in the construction industry. After the program, participants will take part in the development of housing and infrastructure projects in Ukraine, as well as in their implementation


After the victory


The time will come for the restoration of infrastructure and housing stock of Ukraine. Western countries are already preparing to implement the new Marshall Plan for Ukraine.

It is already obvious that not only Ukrainian architects and construction companies will be involved in the implementation of these projects.

© Depositphotos / arskajuhani
© Depositphotos / arskajuhani

Planning, design and implementation of the reconstruction of Ukraine will require specialists.

Companies that will be involved in projects should have specialists who know Ukrainian and European building codes, understand how companies in the EU and Ukraine work, understand the context and specifics.

Target audience

Ukrainian women specialists

Ukrainian engineers / designers from the construction industry / managers (both those who are already working, as well as graduates of Ukrainian construction universities and senior students)

Since men are now unable to leave the territory of Ukraine, the largest target group of the project will be women.


Main stages

Project organization

The project will be organized in a funnel format: first, a large number of participants are involved, and then at each stage we select the most motivated ones to finally select and prepare the best of the best

Project results

Social and economic impact

The project will be prepared by a team of engineers/designers/construction managers who will know both Ukrainian building codes and EU rules and standards

Relations and experience of cooperation of Ukrainian engineers with Western companies interested in the reconstruction of Ukraine will be established

The preparation and implementation of projects will be accelerated, as well as their efficiency will be increased, and this will also reduce the risks for European companies.


We invite you to join the project

We cooperate with educational institutions that train specialists in the construction industry, with Ukrainian local governments and European companies in the construction industry, manufacturers of building materials.
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