Now many not only organizations, but also people around the world support Ukraine and Ukrainians in many areas: provision of food and essentials, psychological support, support for training and job search.

The purpose of our funding is to support Ukrainian women entrepreneurs in the development of their business, wherever they are (in Ukraine, Poland, or elsewhere) and at whatever stage of development their business is.

Watch this short video to find out why KORALI 🙂


We invite all concerned to support the first steps of Ukrainian women on the path to independence and confidence, on the way to rebuilding their own lives and well-being.

When creating the Korali Foundation, its founders were guided by the following values:

Actions, not inaction

The Foundation encourages active Ukrainian women who look to the future and strive to provide for themselves, are ready to take responsibility for their lives and future, strive for development and are determined!

Fishing rod, not fish

The Fund allocates investments for training for Ukrainian women on the establishment and launch of new businesses.
The fund funds individual expert advice on legal, tax and accounting, marketing issues and the search for financing to start or expand a business.
The fund also covers the costs of newly opened businesses for legal and accounting support of activities (up to 6 months). 

Targeted support

Each investor (both large and private) has the opportunity to financially support both the Korali Foundation as a whole and specific business projects through our project store, where everyone has the opportunity to help Ukrainian women in the most necessary to start their activities: someone raises funds for a new sewing machine to start production, and someone for a coffee machine for their coffee shop. And you can join a specific project.

We believe that every Ukrainian deserves a chance to build her new independent and prosperous life, and their children deserve a carefree childhood!